Training, Consulting and Coaching Offerings:

Reduce Stress: Enhance Health and Well-Being AND Improve Business Results

We all know that stress has been linked to darn near every ailment that affects humans, and those ailments are linked to sick days, “mental health days,” “brain fog,” overwhelm and burnout. In short, constant stress is incredibly depleting. These easy-to-implement stress-reduction (and sleep aid) techniques can enable you and your team to relax, refresh and work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.


Energize Your Sales Team: Overcome Fear and Resistance to Conflict ... and Genuinely Connect with Customers

When your sales people: 1) Overcome their natural human fears around conflict, cold calling and more; 2) Create genuine connections with customers; and 3) Pull together with camaraderie, cooperation and teamwork, then your Salespeople Win + your Customers Win + your company’s Bottom Line Wins.

Improve Communications & Relationships: Increase Engagement, Alignment, Collaboration, Productivity, Sales and Profits

You and your people are communicating all day, every day — with each other, with customers, with suppliers and investors. And you’re not only communicating verbally and in writing, you’re also communicating with your attitude and your energy. These easy-to-apply tools can bring your communications to a more conscious level, so you can achieve your goals — and your company’s goals — with greater ease. Plus, you can improve many of the metrics that matter, like engagement, alignment, collaboration, productivity, sales and profits.


Empower First-Time Managers: Set Up New Managers for Effectiveness and Success

Many people who are good at “doing the work” get promoted into a position of managing people who are doing that work. But we all know that the skills and competencies required to be a great “doer” are usually quite different from the skills and competencies required to be a great manager. To flourish in their new roles, first-time managers must learn how to direct and support their people in ways that: 1) are energizing for both sides (not draining and depleting); 2) are in alignment with company goals, values and timelines; and 3) provide for information flow up, down and across the organization.

On-Board for Greater (and Faster) Success: Enable New Hires to Achieve Faster Integration, Collaboration, Productivity and Success

At your company, is it considered “better” to stop by and ask someone for their input face-to-face? Or would that be considered an intrusion, while sending an email would be “more appropriate”? This is but one example of thousands of things new hires must figure out to fit in and perform well within your organization. We can help your new hires integrate into your company more quickly and effectively — and connect more successfully with their peers, supervisors and direct reports. This can: 1) shorten their learning curve; 2) improve their odds of staying and succeeding with your firm; 3) help them achieve higher levels of productivity faster; and 4) increase collaboration across the organization.


Conscious Leadership: Achieve More With Less Effort, Conflict and Stress

Success today requires both self-awareness and awareness of others. We must be able to know, in the moment, if people are understanding what we’re saying ... or if they’ve shut down and tuned us out. We must be able to know, in the moment, if we’re pushing people’s hot buttons ... and which way an interaction is heading. To thrive, we must become aware of our own — and others’ — needs, desires, blind spots and hidden agendas, so we can powerfully and effectively communicate, negotiate, lead and energize.

Conscious Culture Creation (and Renovation): Access the Abundant Wisdom, Talent, Creativity & Diversity Within Your Organization

We can help you create a values-based culture that makes work more meaningful for everyone involved, which is a key driver of engagement, retention, collaboration, innovation and success. Selectively choosing and infusing your company with energies like courage, honor, accountability, appreciation, celebration and authenticity can unlock the riches within your organization — including the abundant wisdom, talent, creativity and diversity within your people — and it can make your company more attractive to top talent.

All Offerings Can Be Delivered In-Person or Long-Distance, and All Offerings Can Be Custom Tailored to Meet Your Needs and Goals