Energetics is the branch of physics that studies energy.

Through Workplace Energetics™, we purposefully shift the energy in a workplace.

From Slow and Sluggish ... To Quick and Agile

From Complaining and Struggling ... To Celebrating and Thriving

From Conflict ... To Collaboration

From Flailing ... To Flourishing

So you get:

Increased Productivity, Sales and Profits

Increased Engagement, Camaraderie and Commitment

Increased QualityCustomer Loyalty and Brand Value

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I am an international expert in the flow (and stagnation) of energy at work, with authoritative knowledge of how energy flow affects individuals, teams, departments, divisions and all of a business’s stakeholders.

As Co-Founder and CEO ~ Chief Energy Officer of Workplace Energetics, I provide Executive Coaching, Training and Consulting. I also facilitate communications for clients, ranging from Town Hall Meetings to Win-Win negotiations with internal and external stakeholders.


I’ve had the honor of helping hundreds of thousands of people release fear and resistance, and find more peace, ease and joy in life. 

I’ve been studying and teaching personal-growth and professional-development techniques and processes for 22 years now. I brought this information to the masses as Founder and Editor-in-Chief of a personal-growth magazine (Law of Attraction Magazine) that was sold on newsstands nationwide, from Barnes and Noble to Walgreens, Target and Walmart. 

People are constantly telling me, “I can’t believe I just said that to you. I’ve never said that to anyone before!” With individual clients and in groups, I create a space in which people speak their truth and feel validated, heard and understood.

I have an innate gift for spotting patterns and connecting dots in ways they’ve never been connected before. I use this gift to help clients find their blind spots, dissolve their limits and multiply their passion, excellence, joy and success.

I come from an entrepreneurial family and have launched and sold multiple businesses. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Cornell University and have a profound love for learning and sharing what I’ve learned. I’m genuinely curious. I love learning about people, companies and how things are made, and I adore playing with ideas for new products, new markets and new solutions.

As Founder and President of Easier Way Media Inc., a product development consulting firm, I have envisioned, developed and actualized new products that profoundly connect with and serve the needs and desires of multiple stakeholders. I have worked extensively with publishing companies to launch new magazines for sale on newsstands nationwide — locating suppliers of content and creating Win-Win-Win-Win scenarios for the suppliers, as well as for consumers (readers), advertisers and my direct clients (the companies that are creating the magazines). I have envisioned, directed the production of and co-created magazines about personal growth, business and professional development, food and wine, cars, travel, luxury lifestyle and more. 

I serve on the executive team of Conscious Capitalism in Orange County, California. We support local businesses (including non-profits) in their pursuit and attainment of conscious leadership, conscious culture and doing business from a higher level of awareness and interconnectedness. 

I’ve worked extensively in the auto industry, as well as professional services and hospitality. I even lived in the Napa Valley for five years — that’s how much I adore food and wine. I’m always happy to talk about hot rods, restaurants, personal journeys and whatever it is that interests and inspires the person next to me!

I would love to discover what delights and energizes you, and help you amplify that while releasing whatever is depleting and draining in your space.

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I am an international expert in energetic leadership and human resonance, with authoritative knowledge and specialization in leadership development and talent management.

As Co-Founder and CHRO ~ Chief Human Resonance Officer of Workplace Energetics, I provide Executive, Managerial and Employee Coaching, Training and Consulting. I also facilitate group and team discussions to enhance synergies, performance and productivity.


Over the years, I have helped many leaders and teams climb unimaginable mountains. I help people believe.

My expertise is in leadership development, talent management and strategic HR — in big government and corporate settings, as well as not-for-profits. I have a robust background in deploying talent and pulling together teams and resources, quickly and effectively, based on what needs to be accomplished.

I have had the privilege of supporting and serving outstanding senior leaders, managers and multi-disciplinary teams in resolving complex public policy issues. I have received awards for my work in developing huge, half-billion-dollar visions and my role in implementing those visions.

I have worked closely with the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada, developing a deep appreciation for their forms of leadership and their connection with nature. And I have supported teams of senior negotiators in crafting complex multi-stakeholder agreements that involved the highest levels of government.

I have a profound passion for bringing HR to another level — from viewing people as human resources to achieving human resonance. It is time to recognize our people as gems and polish their talent.

Having been there myself, I appreciate the challenge that newly appointed managers and executives face in leading their people. And I firmly believe that leading doesn’t need to be lonely. 

I care deeply about helping business leaders, senior executives and managers perform at an exceptionally high level — and enabling them to celebrate wins with their people and teams on a consistent basis. I receive each moment with leaders as an invitation to access and amplify their gifts and talents to catalyze change. 

I graduated from the University of Montreal with an M.Sc. in Political Science, Public Administration. And I serve as Co-Lead, Communications and Community Circle, for the Great Work Cultures movement.

I love the arts and culture, and cultural diversity. I believe in honouring people’s humanity in a way that brings out their best selves in the service of something much bigger than themselves.

I am very positive. I always see possibilities and opportunities. People often say that I bring a unique spirit of enthusiasm, fun and inner joy wherever I go. I love to play. Dinner at home with my kids is an act of pure celebration. We dance around the table while eating, giving each other hugs and cuddles.

I would be pleased to help you unleash the spirit of curiosity and discovery that is burgeoning within you, your people and your company to sustain tremendous business growth and achieve epic results.

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