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Workplace Energetics™ is an international firm that empowers businesses to release fear and resistance, generate forward momentum and increase productivity, sales and profits.

Everything that happens in a business either depletes people and slows down the business...

...or it energizes people and increases forward momentum.

In Depleting Work Environments, People...

In Energizing Work Environments, People...

  • Are stuck in Fight, Flight or Freeze mode

  • Are relaxed and can access higher brains functions = logic, imagination, intuition and creativity

  • Rely on extensive rules and procedures

  • Use the company's values and purpose to guide decisions

  • Point fingers, focus on blaming others

  • Take responsibility and expect coworkers to do the same

  • View change as a primal threat to their safety and well-being

  • View change as an opportunity for continuous improvement

  • Have to work longer and harder to get more done

  • Leverage their personal power to get more done faster and more easily

  • Engage in fierce competition for scarce resources, including awards, bonuses, promotions, clients

  • Are rewarded for collaboration and teamwork, so everyone pulls together toward the company's overall goals and mission

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Workplace Energetics™ actively supports and serves the Conscious Capitalism and Great Work Cultures movements.